Just Another 86?

September 1, 2017




My name is Michael Wu and I am a second-year BA/LLB student at the University of Sydney. I currently drive a 2014 Toyota 86 GTS in Crystal Black Silica.




How long have you had the car?

I purchased the car second-hand in November last year with a bit more than 40,000km on the odometer.


Is this your first car? If not, what was your previous car?

This is ‘my’ first car but I learnt to drive in an early 2000s Toyota Camry. When I was on my red plates, I took my dad’s manual Toyota Yaris out at night to learn stick and once I got my greens, I drove it whenever I could. However, just before I got the 86, my mum sold the Camry for a new pink Nissan Micra which I (unfortunately) had to drive when my dad needed the Yaris.




What do you like and/or dislike about the car?

There’s no denying that the 86 handles like a dream when the roads turn twisty – the highly responsive steering and tail happy, rear-wheel drive experience is unreal. I’ve come to realise that the very low driving position of the 86 is probably one of my favourite features of the car. There’s also no denying, however, that 197 horsepower and 205Nm of torque is rather disappointing – you really have to keep the car in the higher RPMs to get moving. There’s also a few common problems such as the infamous ‘crickets’ from the fuel pump, clunky gearbox and rough idling. All in all, I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing the 86 and it is honestly a pleasure to drive.




What modifications have you made to the car? Do you have any favourites?

I haven’t done anything substantial to the car apart from an aftermarket catback exhaust, intake components and taillights. I have a few other cosmetic parts like side skirts that I need to get paint matched, but I haven’t really had the time. As of now, one of my favourite modifications would be my Flossy weighted shift knob which has helped with the notchy 86 gearbox and has allowed for much smoother shifts. Another would be my Cusco wide accelerator pedal, which has made heel-toe downshifting a lot easier.


What are your future plans for the car? What do you want as your next car?

I would really like to take the 86 to a skidpan or track sometime (preferably trackschool first otherwise I will total the car a lap in). In terms of further modifications, I plan on lowering the car on coilovers and replacing the ugly stock rims with Enkeis or SSRs. After that, I hope to find a set of unequal length headers and have the car tuned to remove the notorious torque dip. Apart from that, I don’t plan on doing anything else major – I would prefer to purchase a new car rather than go down the route of forced induction. After the 86, I’d probably want something with four doors that won’t get outrun by a Chrysler minivan – either a new STI or CLA45 AMG.



2014 Toyota 86 GTS


Price guide: $24,000 - $26,000 with approx. 40,000km on the odometer

Body: 2-Door Fastback Coupe, 4 Seats

Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive

Engine: 4-Cylinder Petrol Naturally Aspirated 2.0L

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual (as reviewed), 6-Speed Automatic

Power: 147kW @ 7000RPM

Torque: 205Nm @ 6400-6600RPM

0-100km/h: 7.4 seconds

P Plate Legal: Yes


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