Obnoxious and Proud: Ford Focus ST in Tangerine Scream

April 12, 2018



My name is Brandon Chan and I’m a third year business student at UTS. I currently own a Ford Focus ST in Tangerine Scream.



How long have you had the car for?

I purchased the car about 6 months ago from Melbourne. My criteria for the car was for it to be - immaculate, low kms, reasonably priced and with the orangey yellow paint. I found this particular one which was owned by an older gentleman and after chatting on the phone, I booked a flight to Melbourne the following week to pick up the car.



What do you like or dislike about the car?

I honestly adore the colour and it was probably one of the biggest selling points. I also love the fact that its so practical and cheap to run, yet still provides an exhilarating and rewarding drive every single time.


How does the car drive and handle?

It’s a little slow but is decent for a pretty ordinary hatch. The handling is pretty fun - as you start to understeer and lift off the throttle, the back will step out and you can always slide a little through the corners.


What is the running cost and fuel economy like?

Compared to my previous car, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX, this car is insanely cheap to run. It never has any problems and a tank of fuel will last around 600km, compared to 300km in the problematic Evo.



Is this your first car? If not, what was your previous car?

My first car was an S15 and my previous car was an Evo 9 which I loved dearly, but due to changing personal circumstances, could no longer afford to run as a daily. As a result, I needed something more economical. It was honestly a heart-breaking decision but I still really enjoy the Focus ST.


What do you want as your next car?

I’m a huge JDM fan so another Evo 9 (in a wagon for the lols) or a 34 GTR would be ideal. However, that probably won’t be happening anytime soon and I'm happy to keep my car for a while.



2013 Ford Focus ST


Price guide:  $22,000 with approx. 40,000 on the odometer

Body: 5-Door Hatchback, 5 Seats

Drive Type: Front Wheel Drive

Engine: 2.0L 4-Cylinder Petrol Turbocharged

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual (as reviewed)

Power: 184kW @ 5500RPM

Torque: 360Nm @ 2000RPM

0-100km/h: 6.5 seconds

P Plate Legal: No


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