Jaguar XE: Heir to the throne

September 16, 2017



My name is Theodor Ewida and I am currently a first year Science student at the University of Sydney. I currently drive a 2016 Jaguar XE in Italian Racing Red. 


How long have you had the car for?

I purchased the car from Concord Jaguar as a demonstrator vehicle with 1500kms in early January this year and have since put on 16,000kms.



Is this your first car? If not, what was your previous car?

This is my second car. Before this I owned a 2007 BMW 323i E92. It was such a good sounding car – with a custom cat-back exhaust, it would pop and crackle on demand. However, towards the end of my ownership I broke 2 diffs and maintenance costs were getting up there. The car was at the shop every other week so I decided to sell the car. 



What do you like or dislike about the car?

This car by far the most fun car in its class. In looking for a replacement for my BMW, my focus was sound. With all the downsizing that’s been happening, all the new p plate legal euro cars were 2.0L turbos and they don’t sound all too nice. The Jag, even in stock form, sounded pretty good and that’s what attracted me to it. The way it drives as well is amazing and that’s due to the amazing suspension set up. With the double wishbone up front out of the F-type the car is a ridiculous amount of fun. It also looks nice and has all the bells and whistles of a modern European car. However, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Fuel economy is bad for a turbo car. I get similar numbers to the inline 6 in my old BMW. Also for a car at its price the quality is not at the level of a BMW or Mercedes, but I see it as paying for a better driving experience.



What modifications have you made to the car? Do you have any favourite?

As you can imagine it’s not that easy to modify a British car. There are so few parts available. However, that hasn’t stopped me. I have a custom cat-back exhaust that consists of two small mufflers. I also have a carbon fibre front splitter, lip and diffuser form a company in the UK, as well as a set of extended carbon fibre paddle shifters which were hand made by a guy in Florida. It’s not much but there is a lot more than I initially expected. Since the engine in the car is also found in the Ford Focus ST, there are some future tuning possibilities.  My favourite modification to the car would have to be the exhaust. It pops and crackles and I just love it.


What are your future plans for the car? What do you want as your next car?

Unfortunately, I have no future plans for this car for now. I enjoy it the way it is right now and I don’t want to put more money into the car. Since I get my full licence early next year I would like to get into something louder. For me the noise that a car makes is king and although the XE is not bad it’s still a 4 cylinder. I don’t know what I want but it’ll probably end up being a European V8 of some sort. However, I am looking at possibly a Toyota Chaser as they have always been a personal favourite of mine.



2016 Jaguar XE 25t R-sport


Price guide: $60,00 - $90,000 with approx. 1500-3000kms on the odometer

Body: 4-Door, 5 seats, Mid-Size Sedan

Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive

Engine: 4-Cylinder Petrol Turbo Intercooled 2.0L

Transmission: 8-Speed (ZF8) Automatic

Power: 177kW @ 5500RPM

Torque: 340Nm @ 1750-4000RPM

0-100km/h: 6.8 seconds (automatic)

P Plate Legal: Yes


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